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As a Dallas based company, United One Source prides itself on our exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff. We insist on honest, loyalty and dedication to our customers.

United One Source

The healthcare industry has become the 21st century main American job program. With more than $2 trillion in spending it is sustaining local markets across the continent. United One Source is focusing on this unlimited marketplace.

United One Source

Our team of "specialists” are experienced, qualified and specifically designated to our unique program. Everything a furniture manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or mover may need to protect and move furniture.

United One Source

We can customize many of our line of products. United One Source provides quality custom polypropylene bags to the medical, furniture, food and beverage, and retail industries. We offer custom printing, tinted bags and various size racks to hold bags.

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Contact your sales rep to get started today with your personal log-in. Call 800.338.6679 or 214.630.6100.


United One Source is positioned to service an infinite variety of industries. We offer product packaging, equipment and supplies to medical facilities, food and beverage distributors, moving companies, shipping corporations, retail manufacturers and limitless others.

United One Source recurrently evaluates our competitiveness in the packaging and equipment supply industry. The global economy, technological advancements and innumerable other factors consistently change our marketplace. United One Source’s discernible qualities remain our competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Good relationships are the architects of success and we build each customer relationship according to their unique blueprint.

For more information on our company please refer to the News or Contact Us link at the top of the page. Our customer service staff or sales representatives are available to answer any questions or quote an order for you. Please browse our on-line catalog for many of the products we carry.


United One Source can help protect furniture every step of the way. From the manufactures, to the distributors, to the retailers, to the movers, to the customers. We have all the protection and moving equipment the furniture industry would need. Bags, pads, hand trucks, cargo control, dollies, even booties for the delivery workers to wear while in a customer’s home.


The average person moves 8 times in their life. United One Source supplies many large van lines, van line agents, independent and full service carriers, moving brokers as well as forwarders and auto transporters. We have a full line of exceptional quality blankets, tapes, corrugated boxes and all a vast array of other moving supplies.


The import/export business has created a global economy therefore, enormously increasing the shipping industry. International or domestic shipping is required of every consumer related product. These products must be shipped countless times before they reach a final destination. Whether freight, food, automobiles or medical equipment it requires special packaging and related supplies.


The healthcare industry incorporates several sectors that are dedicated to providing health care services and products. These include medical facilities, hospitals, research laboratories and assisted living communities. In addition, medical equipment, instruments, biotechnology and drug manufacturing are healthcare sectors. OSHA required personal protection kits, red biohazard bags and custom covers are a few of the items we provide to the healthcare industry.


In the past 50 years the food and beverage industry has burgeoned from the mom-and-pop operation to a trillion-dollar powerhouse led by huge international corporations. Agriculture, processing and distribution are all subcategories of the Food & Beverage Industry. United One Source is a large supplier of polypropylene bags which provide a highly protective barrier against moisture and vapors.


United One Source carries a variety of logistic straps, rope tie-off’s, corner protectors and hardware attachments and other cargo control related products. Our customer service representatives are extremely knowledgeable of the strict government regulations placed on the cargo control industry. This allows them to direct our customers to the most effective products related to their business.